Bounty Program

We need your suport

We have cut down our team allocation and giving it away to the community

25,000,000 XMC Tokens worth Bounty Program

This bounty campaign is for those who believe in this project.
If you like this project please help us.

The program is divided into two Campaigns.

Campaign for the ICO

The whole team is working hard to get the alpha version and various things around the project. Help us build strong community and join our bounty program. The only chance to earn free tokens without investment.

12,500,000 xmc tokens for ICO Campaign

Photographers Awareness Campaign

Since this project relies on the media artist, Its equally important to spread the awareness in photographers community. Please get in touch with us regarding this campaign — email social@stockblock.io

12,500,000 xmc tokens for Artist Campaign


12,500,000 XMC Tokens worth ICO Bounty Program

Facebook 2,000,000 xmc tokens

Register for this bounty here.

You need at-least 500 friends
Facebook profile should be public

Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StockBlockmedia/10 stakes
Share post at-least once a week until the end of the ICO: 30stakes
Comment & Like StockBlock facebook post: 20 stakes





Twitter 2,000,000 xmc tokens

Register for this bounty here.

You need at-least 500 followers
Twitter profile should be public

Follow our twitter page: 20 stakes per week
Share post at-least once a week until the end of the ICO:
20 stakes for 500 followers
30 stakes for 1000 followers
50 stakes for 5000 + followers

Comment & Like StockBlock twitter post: https://twitter.com/stockblockio




Signature campaign 2,875,000 xmc tokens

Register for this bounty here.

We will update the excel sheet and post links here.

You need to make at least 10 posts a week in order for bounties to count.

Jr. member, Member 20 Stakes per week

Full Member, Sr. Member  member. 50 stakes per week.

Hero or Legendary. 80 stakes per week.


Click to view signature codes.







Translations and Forum moderation 1,200,000 xmc tokens

Please contact us on Bitcointalk thread or email social@stockblock.io to confirm and reserve your translation. You will receive additional stakes for each post you get in the thread of your translation.

Be at least in Jr. Member or upper rank to join the campaign

Each member should translate the BitcoingTalk  post & white paper. In order to fulfill bounty task you need to create your local thread at Bitcointalk, moderate and manage it publishing the translated posts there.

Translation: 100 stakes

Moderation: 5 stakes per post in your thread


Blog Campaign 3,625,000 xmc tokens

If you can create a video, publish an article about StockBlock or promote the project in any other way, then we invite you to join this bounty campaign section.

Register for this bounty here.

Blog can be published anywhere on the internet and publicly accessible. It can be written in any language.


A blog that counts for Blog bounties must:

  • You must have at-least 3000 followers on YouTube channel or 3000 subscribers/followers of your blog to receive 1 stake. The bigger amount will be estimated the following way: 4000 followers?—?2 stakes, 4000+ subscribers/followers channels (blogs) will be granted with 3 extra stakes.
  • Option to gain additional stakes for video makers: 2000 views of your StockBlock video and above?—?2 stakes, under 5,000 views?—?3 stakes, under 10,000 views?—?5 stakes, over 10,000 views?—?6 stakes.
  • For making 1 video you are to receive 1 stake. If you are able to create more video/write more articles, this option can be discussed individually with each participant.
  • Good language skills is a must. All badly realized videos/articles won’t be accepted.





Special bounty reward: Best performer’s will receive 225,000 bounty.


 First place: 100,000 tokens

 Second place: 75,000 tokens

Third place: 50,000 tokens


Don’t forget to add the UTM parameters to win this bounty


Office No 3, Vishwanath Krupa,
Parvati, Pune, India



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